Marriage Registry Office

We have the opportunity to offer you appointments for the wedding again from Tuesday, June 15, 2021, if you meet the entry requirements and have a valid Certificate of No Impediment.

Caution! If your Certificate of No Impediment has expired, please find information on how to proceed on the website of Familieretshuset

Kindly do not contact us in this matter, hence we are not the right authority if your Certificate of No Impediment has expired, and we are not able to answer any questions in this matter.

It is very important that you read the information on the following website  to see if you meet the entry requirements.
Please note that you must of course have valid travel documents to enter Denmark.

To get married in Denmark you must have a certificate of marital status (prøvelsesattest).

Before you can make an appointment for your wedding, we will need a few necessary documents from you in order to process your request.

Please read more on the homepage of Agency of Family Law:

In Haderslev Kommune you can get married on Fridays between 10 am – 12 am.

The ceremony wil take place in danish, german or english language.

Registration is the day before the wedding.

Please remember your valid passport and permission to stay.

Recognition of your marriage

Please check with your local authorities, whether a marriage performed by us will be recognised in your home country.

After returning home please remember - both of you - to register your marriage at your local authorities as well as in your home country, if different.

Account information: 

Extra marriage certificates: 25 Euro / 200 kr.

You will get 2 certificates.

Danske Bank:
IBAN: DK3130004810481048

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